Moments in Time
To capture an impression, isolating light and color from a corner of nature ... magnifying that one moment is the essence of landscape painting. Rather than wide vistas, I prefer to focus on smaller samples of a single area, especially when the light is particularly dramatic. For this, pastels are employed for the immediate effect. Early in the morning or late in the day, is a time for long shadows, when fragments of landscape are not lost in the bleaching glare of mid-day light. Still life is a kind of indoor landscape, the same principles of light apply; just the focus differs.

On site sketches, reference photographs and color notes all comprise the final studio painting. It is a growth process as first impressions give way to considered compositions. The mind works in mysterious ways and the final product is the outcome of some experimentation with materials and the adoption of new techniques. No season is void of its own beauty; every scene reveals its changing moods in vacillating conditions. That is the source of my inspiration.